Start the school year ship-shape

The start of a new year at school or daycare can be both exciting and a little overwhelming. New faces, teachers, timetables and challenges can be faced head-on when your child is healthy, happy and rested. Here are a few ideas to help them have a great start to the year…

Health checks

Now is a great time to catch up on your child’s bill of health with visits to the doctor, dentist and optometrist to ensure everything is tip-top. Have you checked your child’s vaccinations are up to date? When was the last time they had their eyes checked? Have their vision tested now before heading back to the classroom to read notes on the black and white boards.

Good routines

Summer holidays can mean late nights, sleep-ins, snacking throughout the day and spending most of the time playing outside carefree. So it can be a shock transitioning back into school days and timetables! Make it easier by getting back into healthy routines before the end of the holiday. Get back to three regular meals a day with nutritious morning and afternoon snacks. Ensure your child is getting the sleep they need with consistent bed times and no screen time during the evening wind down. A warm bath before bed can help relax the body to get ready for sleep. For more details about healthy sleep for kids click here.

Well equipped

It’s time to dig out the school bag and ensure your child has everything they need for summer time outside at school or daycare. Most importantly, a sunhat with a large brim, swimwear if needed, and sunscreen for their bag. Remember to apply sunscreen before heading out the door each morning.

How are the lunchbox and drink bottle holding up? Hopefully they’ve been cleaned out since last term!
A great tip is to pop your child’s drink bottle into the freezer for half an hour or more, so it stays nice and cold during the day.

Back to the grind

With the new term comes homework, especially for older kids. Make this easier to handle by scheduling regular study time and setting up a peaceful working space at home. This may be in your child’s bedroom or another area that is quiet and has no distractions. Healthy snacks and water can help too.

To get through the first few weeks of the New Year, you can also try plenty of chat, laughter and hugs with your child. Help them feel reassured about any new changes by talking through any issues that arise and encourage dinnertime conversation about the day’s events. That way, you’ll all enjoy the year ahead!

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