In case of emergencies card

Another good idea is to include an ICE (in case of emergency) card with your first aid kits:


Parent’s name:  
Your address:  
Home phone:   Mobile phone:  
Children’s names:   Date of birth:  
Family GP   Phone number:  
Pharmacy   Phone number:  




Reference 1. NZ Ministry of Health, Medsafe, Label Statements Database. Accessed 30 May 2013. Reference 2. The Paediatric Society of New Zealand and Starship Foundation 2013, Kids Health. Accessed 30 May 2013. Pamol® is for the treatment of children’s pain and fever. Pamol® suspensions contain paracetamol 250mg/5mL. Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Incorrect use can be harmful. ® Registered Trademark. Aspen Pharmacare C/- Pharmacy Retailing, Auckland. TAPS PP3867.