New year, new challenges, new aches & ouchies


There’ll be many milestones reached in your family this year. Learning to sit, rolling, standing, walking, catching a ball and more – these are all great achievements but not many come without a bump or tumble along the way. Celebrate the successes and cuddle through the upsets. Read a few helpful tips here.




Back to school can also mean back to bugs, as all sorts of viruses are common at this time of year. No one likes to see their child come home under the weather. Help ease the pain and discomfort that comes with colds and sore throats with Pamol®. It’s specially formulated to relieve pain and fever in children, while being gentle on tummies. Rest and plenty of fluids may help too but of course, see your doctor if your child’s symptoms persist, or if you’re concerned about their wellbeing.



Afternoon and weekend sports and activities are back up and running now too. These can bring new bumps, bruises and scrapes. It pays to keep a first aid kit in the car to deal with little incidents.  At home, an ice pack in the freezer is great for little bumps– both to soothe the injury, and the wee ego. An ice pack can also come in handy on the sports field too!



The New Year may bring new teeth for little ones. An emerging tooth can make babies feel miserable and can be distressing for everyone. Rubbing your baby’s gums with your finger or giving them a cold teething ring can help ease the discomfort. When that’s not cutting it, Pamol® can help relieve the pain that comes with teething. Make sure you know the correct dosage for your child. Pamol’s® ‘Little Helper’ is a handy, interactive temperature checker and dose calculator you can download to your smartphone, use online here or check out below.


Lastly, before autumn comes knocking at the door, why not get out on fine evenings and weekends to make the most of the sunshine? Pick the kids up after school and head straight to the park, plan an outdoor movie session or a picnic dinner in the backyard. Not only do kids love these activities, but all the fresh air and outdoor fun should promote great, sound sleepers – and happy parents too!

Here are a few other ideas for outside fun:
- Plan a scavenger hunt in the garden
- Make a kite and fly it at the park
- Plant some bulbs for spring flowers
- Press wild flowers in the pages of a heavy book (make pictures with them once they dry)
- Create chalk pictures on the footpath
- Take some old bread to feed ducks in the park or local birds in your backyard.

Don’t forget, there can still be some heat in the sun, so be sure to stay sun smart with your family.



Reference 1. NZ Ministry of Health, Medsafe, Label Statements Database. Accessed 30 May 2013. Reference 2. The Paediatric Society of New Zealand and Starship Foundation 2013, Kids Health. Accessed 30 May 2013. Pamol® is for the treatment of children’s pain and fever. Pamol® suspensions contain paracetamol 250mg/5mL. Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Incorrect use can be harmful. ® Registered Trademark. Aspen Pharmacare C/- Pharmacy Retailing, Auckland. TAPS PP3867.