Tips for fever

How to take a temperature:

It’s a good idea to check your child’s temperature if they feel hot, and they seem unwell. You should measure temperature in places that are closest to the body’s core temperature such as inside the mouth (oral), under the arm (axillary), in the outer ear canal (tympanic), and on the forehead.

Types of thermometers:

There are a range of thermometers available to measure the temperature of your little ones. Most are available in pharmacy – ask your pharmacist to show you the different types and how to use them when you are considering which is best for your family.

Digital thermometers: Ear thermometers: Forehead thermometers:

Can be used orally (in the mouth), or axillary (under the arm). These thermometers are easy to use with a short measurement time, and a simple digital readout.

Most will beep when the measurement is finished, and is ready to read.

Very quick and easy to read.
Simply insert the tip in your child’s ear, and press the button.

The thermometer will beep when the measurement is finished and is ready to read.

These are a new style of thermometer.

Simply hold it against your child’s forehead and press the button.

Very simple and easy to use.

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If you are unsure about your child’s health:

* Visit for more information and helpful guides.

* Talk to your Plunket nurse or call Plunketline for helpful parenting and Well Child advice.

* Contact Healthline for medical advice. Or if it’s an an emergency, call 111.